Sunday, October 30, 2011

Spring Years 21-28 - Terry


The Terry’s are:  Aqwe Terry – Popularity – LTW Captain Hero and her new husband Phillip Cobb Terry – Popularity / Knowledge – LTW Visionary.


Hi everybody.  Let’s see where we are.  Aqwe is working as a College Senior Professor because a job in the police force hasn’t opened up yet.  Phillip on the other hand found a job in the art field on his first night in his new home.  He is starting out as a Souvenir Whittler.


Phil gets a makeover.  This is a little more him. 


Aqwe also has a new look.  She is five years older than Phil so she wanted to start their family right away.  Aqwe is the only one to carry on the family name so we will be having babies until we find a girl (or until I just can’t take it anymore).


Aqwe walked to work in her pjs and was promoted to Education Minister.  Career one topped.  Let’s hope the career she wants shows up soon.  So far, still nothing.


Aqwe decides to take some time off work.  She passes the time by working on her second novel.


Yeah.  Aqwe finally finds a job.  She will start as a security guard as soon as the baby is born.


Speaking of baby…


Or should I say babies.  Three boys.  (8%.  Yeah it says 8%.  Should I lower it?)


The Terry Triplets born April 14, 24 AF.  This is Quay (English – from the wharf).


Quennel (old French – dweller by the old oak).


Quigley (Old English – from the queen’s meadow).  We have two red heads (Quay & Quigley) & one blond (Quennel).   No girls.  And no Phillip.  He felt a sudden need to take out the trash.


My nursery was not built for triplets.


Family trees.  The triplets are generation two.


Aqwe heads off to work and leaves Phillip on triplet duty.  That should teach him not to wonder off during the magic of childbirth.


Birthday time.  Happy birthday Quay.  Quay is an aries with 10-10-5-0-9.  I checked and Quay is an elf.


Quennel is a Virgo with 10-0-9-8-5.


Quigley is a Virgo with 10-0-5-0-10.


We have got our hands full.


The ghosts are constantly going after Phillip.  I can’t even get him energized.  They had better not kill him.  I can’t do triplets with one parent.  Ok, I could but I don’t want to.

Well that’s about all for this season.  Aqwe and Phillip have been trying to get pregnant but no luck yet (yeah! I’m not ready.)  Aqwe is working as a Desk Sergeant. Phillip is an acclaimed muralist.  The triplets have learned all their skills and will age to children day one of next season.  Wow.  What a ride.

Next up…The Carter Family.

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