Sunday, October 30, 2011

Spring Years 21-28–Cobb 1


The Cobb Family is:  Malcolm Cobb (Permanent Platinum Romance Knowledge Sim – new life time want is max 7 skills), his daughter Tammy Cobb (Fortune Knowledge – Top Oceanography), Tammy’s husband Louis (Permanent Platinum Knowledge – new life time want is max 7 skills) and their daughter Melissa.

Right as we left last time, Tammy had her first baby bump.  The pregnancy was an ACR surprise that I didn’t want.  As soon as the baby is born we are going to try out the ACR birth control and see how that works.  The Cobbs & Gambles (of which many are both) are taking over the neighborhood.


Louis (world class ballet dancer) doesn’t go to work for the next four days so he gets to work on finishing off those pesky skills.  Then we may start looking for a second career.


Tammy makes it home from work.  She is still working up the Oceanography field.  She is actually only 34 hours pregnant but you can’t tell it from this pic.


Louis maxes his skills and completes his 2nd ltw.  Now he wants to go into journalism.  He eventually takes a job in education because it was the best thing available.


Tammy joins the rank of the permanently platinum by reaching the top of the oceanography field.  TG! Tammy has now given up her job to go into the natural science field.  Due to a harder jobs hack, she is now a rat keeper.  Yeah!


Our last look at Melissa the toddler.


Enter Melissa, family heiress and adorable child.



I don’t think I’ve ever shown you any of the Cobb house so here goes nothing.  This is the first floor.  Extra large nursery because we started with CAS triplets.  A living room and a kitchen.  An entry way and two small bathrooms.  Also a hot tub just out back because Malcolm was a romance sim.  He acts more like a knowledge sim thesee days.  I think his age is starting to show.  Or he’s depressed over only being able to see Theo at night.


Second floor.  Several bedrooms because this has been a large family so far.  Several bathrooms.  Two sewing machines as that is the family business.  Also a balcony with telescopes and a punching bag.


The family has a small garden plot and a fruit grove.  Also a decorative pond and a soccer field that rarely gets used. 


Finally, this family doesn’t have a garage or actually any area to park a car.  Instead they have a private patio with a bar, musical instruments, ballet bar and energizers.  Even the normals know how to work machinery. 

All the lots are 4x4 and I build as I go.  Also I play from the back of the lots.  That is why things are as they are.


Front and back of the house at night.  Notice anything missing?  I always forget to add windows.  LOL.  Oh well.  They don’t need them anyway.


Oh damn.  Baby time.  Come on one.  Come on one.


Just one this time.  It’s a little boy.  Michael Cobb born March 13, 23 AF.


I thought Michael might have been a clone of Melissa but look, freckles.  Yeah.


Malcolm maxes his second career track.  There won’t be a third.


The generation one portraits are complete.


Michael becomes a toddler and is rock’n the long hair.  His is a pisces with 5-3-8-3-6.


For reasons I can not explain, Malcolm is having to walk to work every day.  Maybe normals don’t know how to fly?

Well, Malcolm walked to work but he didn’t come home.  Not sure the problem.  Had to retrieve him before he died.  No payment for work for the last two days.  I think we are just going to let Malcolm quit.  He can be a stay at home grandpa.


As the spring comes to an end, Michael becomes a child. 


Tammy is a scatmaster.  She has earned 6 hobby plaques.  She has rolled up the want for a baby.  We are ignoring that.  No more babies.

Louis is an elementary school teacher.  He has two hobby plaques.  The family is trying to get the 10 for the household.  Still a few to go.

Malcolm is unemployed.  He will become an elder in the summer.  He isn’t looking forward to that.

Melissa has a gold badge in gardening.  Michael…is a child.

Next…the Terry Family.

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