Sunday, October 9, 2011

Spring Years 22-28–University

This season’s university students:


Nelo Gamble (Theo Gamble & Malcolm Cobb) – Popularity / Family – The Law


His twin sister Ulla Gamble – Fortune / Pleasure – 100k


Tonya Cobb (CAS Triplet of Malcolm Cobb & Mother Cobb) – Knowledge / Fortune – Media Magnet


Alyssa Cobb  (Triplet 2 of 3) – Popularity / Family – Top 5 Businesses


Jenna Cobb (Final Triplet) – Knowledge / Fortune – Ecological Guru


Roman Cobb (Malcolm Cobb & Theo Gamble) – Pleasure / Grilled Cheese – Icon

So as you can see, all our students are related through Malcolm Cobb. It wasn’t very hard to get everyone moved into the Greek House together.


As the kids started their Freshman year, I started trying to match them up with their future mates.  I might should have waited until their senior year but what’s done is done.

Ulla made a wish in the wishing well and was given Spencer Baldwin aka Mr. Big.  These two have three bolts and will end up together.  Can’t waste an elfin townie after all.  All I know about Spencer is that he is a fortune sim and he should come with a nice nest egg.  This is good because Ulla isn’t getting the Gamble house.  She is going to found her own household.


Roman came to university in love with a woman who is stalking his father.  That just doesn’t work for me.  So I found Roman a three bolter named Priscilla Lee aka the Diva.  Since Roman is destined to be an Icon, Priscilla wants him as her man.  Between the two of us, Roman had no chance to resist.


Nelo wished for love and got a vampire.  This is Contessa Missy Stewart.  He is in love with two other women but if I have any say about it he will marry Missy.  They have three bolts and the other two ladies have barely two.


Now how can he turn that down?


Alyssa was a hard one.  The only three bolter I could find was Gaston Ogg and he’s taken.  This is Elton Bennett.  He is the butler that she met after wishing in the wishing well as a teenager.  Both Alyssa and Elton got a slight makeover and now I think they will work.  There are another couple of two bolters that Alyssa could go with but she will probably end up with Elton. 


Tonya maxes her skills.  Now she will have to struggle and make some friends and find a love.


Alyssa was the first to get into the secret society but not the last.  We had one inducted a night for six nights.


Tonya finds love in a vacationer named Alvin Rogers.  She has NO ONE with three bolts.  After a make over for both Alvin & Tonya, Alvin was her highest attraction so she’s keeping him.


Tonya & Alvin post makeover.


Another shot of Alvin.  He has beautiful green eyes. Alvin is a family sim and I see cute babies in the future.


As we start year two it’s time to concentrate on studies and chose majors.  Wanting to be the Law, Nelo studies politics.


Wanting to be an Ecological Guru, Jenna studies Biology.


Tonya goes with Philosophy.


Our Icon in the making takes drama.


Ulla wants money so she takes Economics.


I was going to give Alyssa economics but Ulla was studying that so Alyssa took math.  None of the kids had any wants for majors or fears for that matter.  They just didn’t care.  Since I have the harder careers hack the majors really didn’t matter so I just chose what made sense to me.


Gypsy:  Why do the normals always walk by when I arrive?

Nelo snatched up the lamp and wished for happiness.  Then he pocketed the lamp for later use.


Ulla spent most of her college life just like that.  Her only want was to sell a masterpiece.  So she painted and sold and painted and sold.  She made a lot of money doing so though.


With the money earned as a teen, plus paintings sold, plus money earned for grades, Ulla topped 100k in college.  I was shocked at the time.  I had forgotten she sold a business as a teen.


Jenna finally maxed her skills.  You may have noticed that Jenna didn’t have a love interest earlier.  She doesn’t have a three bolter so she will probably keep her teen wishing well love of Nathaniel George, townie. 


While the students studied, all their guests jammed.  The music room got a lot of use this season.


Another hobby train fire.  We almost lost a potential mate.  I wanted to get rid of it but I kept forgetting to sell it.  Then I forgot to pay the bills and the repo man came.  Guess what he took?  Never been so happy to see the guy zap something.  I was so surprised by him and happy with his selection that I forgot to snap a picture of my first repo visit.


Another impossible want is completed. 


And another lamp is delivered.  Ulla pocket this one for future use.







And before you know it (FINALLY!), graduation is here.

To recap:

Greek House:  everyone

4.0 grades:  everyone

secret society:  everyone

gold badges:  Ulla 3, Nelo 3, Jenna 4, Allysa 3, Tonya 5, Roman 2

Hobby Plaques:  Ulla 4, Nelo 6, Jenna 7, Allysa 4, Tonya 7, Roman 6

Joined garden society:  everyone (Nelo as teen)

Big man/woman on campus:  everyone


All the siblings except Roman have headed back to Gumdrop Hills.  Roman will be waiting for his half siblings to show up and take over the Greek House.

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