Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gumdrop Hills–A Prosperity Challenge

I have started a slightly modified prosperity that I have named Gumdrop Hills.   You’ll barely notice a difference.  I have taken ideas from others and adopted and altered them.  It should be interesting…I hope.  I’m listing my thoughts here in no specific order.  Hopefully it will make sense.

Each round will be seven days.  Each season will be seven days.  Dates will be given to special events.

Summer:  day 1-2 is June; day 3-4 July; day 5-7 August

Fall:  day 1-2 is September; day 3-4 October; day 5-7 November

Winter: day 1-2 is December; day 3-4 is January; day 5-7 February

Spring: day 1-2 March; day 3-4 April; day 5-7 is May

Day of the month is determined by a random number selector. 

Things got sticky when I considered years.  I decided to do something I haven’t seem before in regard to years.  The beginning of the neighborhood is Founding Day.  All dates are based on this date.  A toddler founder would have a birthday such as May 30, 1 BF.  BF = Before Founding.  AF = After Founding.  So a child born on the last day of the first summer could have a birthday of August 12, 7 AF.  This may seem confusing to some but it is the easiest for my brain.  Also I just got finished rereading the Heart Mate series by Robin D. Owens.  Enough said.

I have personal goals I am installing.  One is that each household will have one business that will be passed down through the generations.  This generational business must be founded within generation one’s lifetime and be played a minimum of every other season. 

Each house must keep at least two ghosts (once they have them).  Any additional graves may be moved to the neighborhood cemetery once it is completed.

There are two types of being in the neighborhoods; the normals and the supernaturals.  The normals are just what you would think.  Normal sims with skins ranging from light to dark.  These sims may have strange abnormal eyes but still be considered normal.  Normals don’t see the world as it truly is.  They see the world as that they want it to be.  They don’t see the supers; because they subconsciously don’t want to and because the supernaturals hide themselves from the normals.

There are many different types of supernaturals.  The first group are the aliens.  Aliens are any of several species that life ‘off world’ or on another world.  They are technologically superior to the normals but they have lost the ability to reproduce amongst themselves.  They are dying out.  To ensure their survival, the aliens breed with anyone genetically compatible (which is rarely another alien).  The aliens use mind control to force these breedings.  They change the person’s memories to help ensure their offspring's survival.   Aliens also use mind control to make the normals see them as normals as well.  Some beings (especially other supernaturals) are not susceptible to the mind control and sometimes remember the hidden ‘lost’ events.

Vampires have a natural glamor that hides their true selves from normals and some aliens.  Other supernaturals can generally see through it. 

Witches (good, neutral or evil) use magic to hide their true selves from normals.  Normals generally see them as simply eccentric.  Supers see witches as they truly are and often trade favors with them to have magic done on their behalf.

Werewolves are normals, supers or aliens that house an animal spirit.  Generally they are smarter and stronger than normals or supers but have no power to hide their true self.  In animal form they can usually make others ‘look away’.  Their nature make it possible for them to hide in the shadows.  If discovered by a normal they usually react instinctually and turn the normal into another werewolf.

Bigfoot are similar to werewolves.  Where a werewolf is only controlled by their animals half the time, a Bigfoot’s animal spirit is always present.  Bigfoot tends to hide deep in the woods away from the normals.  They will sometimes move closer to normals if they have a super that can help hide or mask their presence.

Zombies are the risen dead.  They are made through unnatural means.  The walking dead frighten all.  They appear as slow dimwitted fools to other normals but can be seen by all supers as what they truly are.  Zombies can be ‘cured’ thru very special and complicated ceremonies but they will never truly be normal again.

Plant Sims are normals or supers who house the spirit of nature.  They commune with all plants and enjoy nature above all.  Their true inner spirit hides their plant like features from normals.  Plant Sims can breed with anyone or can spawn another plant sim within themselves.  Spawned plant sims are ALMOST a copy of their parent and as therefore are considered the SAME generation as their parent.

The Fae (elves, sprites & fairies) are similar but slightly different.  These beings have been exiled from their own realm.  Their once eternal life is now limited.  The magic they once housed is now almost gone.  They have a internal glamor that makes them look like normals with just a little bit of something extra.  The fae can see other supers and aliens in their true form.  They have developed a potion that can extend their relatively short lives almost indefinitely but very few use the potion and instead live a short lifespan.

Robots (aka Servos) are family servants built by man and animated with magic.  They see the world as it is.  They are viewed as machines by normals but are see as beings by supers.

Genie Lamps are seen by normals as just an old lamp.  They can never see or use the magic within.  That magic can only be harnessed by someone with at least some magic of their own (i.e. by supernaturals).

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  1. This sounds really interesting. I can't wait to see how things play out with your normals and supers.