Sunday, August 21, 2011

Season 1- Ogg


The Ogg Family:


Evelina Ogg – Born Feb 15, 9 BF – Household Heiress – Family – Top Law Enforcement – Gemini – 5-7-8-0-5 – NH music & dance – turn ons: fitness & red hair; turn off – unemployment

Gaston Ogg – Born May 3, 1 BF – Libra – 3-8-4-1-9 – NH music & dance


Denita Ogg – Born Feb 15, 9 BF – Popularity – 20 best friends – Scorpio -  6-5-9-0-5 – NH science – turn ons: makeup & face paint, turn off – unemployment


Mother Ogg – Place Keeper – Death by Flies


Dear diary…It’s not easy being the head of the household.  Especially when you are only nine years old.  Although I house an old spirit, my body has not caught up and that makes it hard when dealing with the norms.  Mother died.  I believe karma finally caught up with her and her magic destroyed her from the inside out.  My twin Denita disagrees.  No surprise there.  We don’t agree on anything I think.  We look nothing alike.  We are nothing alike.  Sometimes I think she hates me because I look like father and it is his fault that we were thrown out of the kingdom.  And then he deserted us.  But I won’t think on that.

I managed to get a small house built with the money mother had.  I think mother was right to bring us here.  I feel a good magic at work.


I have taken it upon myself to raise little Gaston.  It is my duty I think. 


Denita spends all her time at the park.  She likes meeting new people and making friends.  I wish I could go but I have to stay with Gaston.  Someone has to be the adult even when neither of us are.


I guess Denita and I may have been close once but we aren’t any longer.  I guess I should work on that too.


That’s all I do.  Work.  Work.  WORK.  And at some point I need to go to college and that will be work to.  When do I get to have fun?  Ever?


Dear diary…Evelina is driving me insane.  Thank the goddess Gaston is no longer a toddler.  Maybe now she can get a life and get off my back.  It hurts me that we aren’t closer.  I know that she thinks I don’t do anything.  But I do.


I’m the one who found the little old man at the park.  He will pay me for catching fish.  Just for fishing.  I have earned tons of money.  That is how we paid for the nanny.  What is that if not something?  Yes I spent time making friends.  Making connections.  How else will we survive.  We have to keep the authorities from realizing the truth of our family.  We have to keep the norms from discovering our true selves.  I contribute.  She should recognize that.  It hurts that she thinks I’m such an irresponsible person.

I have made a decision about my future.  I will form my own household.  I love my sister but I don’t think we could ever share the house.  So I will form my own family.  It will be hard but I know I can do it.  I’ll find a good man and build a strong family.  Always think of the future.  That’s what our Mother Dam use to say.  I think she is very wise.  I miss her.


Dear diary…My sisters are finally getting along.  They are even friendly.  Denita took us to the park and showed us all about fishing.  We now know where to sell the fish.  The park was great.  I can’t wait to go back there.


My sisters are heading off to college.  They know I’m to young to stay alone but they both want to go so much so I told them I would be ok.  After all, Mother watches over me at night.


It was scary the first time I saw her but now I know she is just taking care of us the best she can.  She still loves us even though she lives in the beyond.



I will be lonely all alone.  Maybe I am to young but I’ll be ok.  I have Nanny and Mother.  I will be fine.



Accomplishment this round:

Denita: Gold fishing badge, bronze gardening badge, nature plaque; Gaston learned all toddler skills. 

By the way: I forgot to mention that this is a matriarchal society. I haven’t done that one before so I thought I’d try it.  And yes, I left a child home alone.  I want all teens to leave for college at 7/8 days until adulthood.  That will keep the aging straight.  Basically college is 7 years.  So after much thought, I sent them both.  I’ve read blogs where others pulled off a child only household.  Hopefully I can to.  If not… one of the girls will get to adopt their baby brother.


  1. I love this neoghborhood already :)))! And all the ideas and work there are behind it... If I can ask, how are you managing to keep the child from being taken away from the social workers?

  2. Unfortunately I didn't. It's easy to move out and leave them alone but not so easy to have them live alone.