Thursday, August 25, 2011

Summer Years 1-7–Cobb

Meet the Cobb family…


Malcolm Cobb born August 16, 24 BF – Romance – 20 Loves – NH science – Pisces – 6-3-8-0-8 – turn ons blond hair & makeup – turn off perfume - Father of the brood.


Tammy Cobb – oldest daughter and family Matriarch– born Feb. 8, 9 BF – Fortune – Top Oceanography – NH music & dance – Gemini – 4-7-8-0-6 – turn ons blond hair & logic – turn off black hair


Phillip Cobb born April 21, 4 BF – Virgo – 10-0-5-0-10 – NH science.


Jenna Cobb (oldest triplet by minutes) born May 2, 1 BF – Cancer – 5-5-5-5-5 – NH Cuisine.


Tonya Cobb (middle triplet) born May 2, 1 BF – Libra – 5-8-2-2-8 – NH music & dance.


Alyssa Cobb (youngest triplet) born May 2, 1 BF – Leo – 4-10-4-0-7 – NH music & dance.



…Malcolm is the father of the Gamble twins, Nelo & Ulla.  Of course their ‘Mother’ is Theo Gamble.


Malcolm:  When we moved to Gumdrop I immediately had the  contractors start on the house.  They worked on things as I came up with more money.  The first year seemed to be nothing but building and teaching.  Teaching the triplets that is.  I NEVER wanted to be the father of so many but I do my best to take care of my kids.  My wife…well she left us.  Said she was done being held back by all of us. Said it was all my fault because I got her pregnant with triplets.  Whatever.  I accept my responsibility and will always do my best for my kids.


Tammy:  Really?  That’s why you disappear every evening.  Never bother to tell me when you’re leaving or where you’re going.  You call that taking care of your kids?



Malcolm:  Yes.  I do.  I was at the park those nights.  Working.

Tammy:  Working?  RIght.  More like off playing.

Malcolm:  Working.  Our neighbor Evelina, who has a slight crush on me, told me about how to earn money by selling fish to the old man at the park.  Also if you dig around down there you can find all kinds of stuff that can be sold for cash.  Plus you meet people who can help you out.  Like that lady I met who offered me a job, a GOOD job, working for her organization.  And then there was that other woman who just GAVE me a new tv.  You can’t tell me you don’t like that tv.

Tammy:  Ok so maybe you were working but I heard that you were mainly dating our neighbor Theo.  Engaging in public displays of affection right there in front of everyone.  All the neighbors are talking about it.

Malcolm:  So maybe I did have a date or two or three.  So what.  It keeps me in a great mood ok.  And who cares what the neighbors think.  I sure don’t.


Malcolm:  And besides, I don’t only date Theo.

Tammy:  Dad, that makes it worse not better.


Tammy:  And while you’re off dating your ‘friends’, I’m left here cooking dinner for everyone and being MOTHER to everyone.  It’s not fair, you pushing your responsibilities off on me.  I know I’m head of the family now but I’m also just a teenager.  I’m wasting my youth raising your kids.


Tammy:  And now you’ve gone and gotten yourself knocked up by one of your ‘friends’. 

Malcolm:  That was an accident oh great family leader.  It’s not like I planned it.

Tammy:  You never plan anything.  We don’t even have the triplets raised yet and you will soon be adding another one for me to help raise.  Sometimes I understand why mom ran off.


Malcolm:  Tammy you’re stepping over a line here.  I am still your father.  I deserve to be treated with some kind of respect.  I’m not worthless and I’ll try to handle more of the work around here.  And when the time comes I’ll see you off to college and I’ll stay here and finish raising my kids.  Ok.

Tammy:  (mumbles under breath)


Jenna has a birthday.


As does Alyssa.


As does Tonya.

Tammy:  Finally the triplets had a birthday and are more self sufficient.  Makes my life easier.  For now.


Malcolm:  Tammy decided that we needed a family garden.  So the whole family, except me, was outside slaving in the heat when….


Malcolm: …the pain started.  It was horrible.  I have NEVER felt pain like that.


Malcolm:  But eventually it was over and my son Roman was born.  That was early evening of July 18, 4 AF.


Malcolm:  Time to get my figure back.


Tammy:  You may be more work but you sure are cute. 


Tammy:  When the weekend came, I took all the kids to the park.  The more people who fished the more money we would earn.  And we need money.  My house needs updating.  I want a garden.  Flowers.  Statues.  The works.  I deserve it.


Roman Cobb – Aries – 10-10-9-0-1


Malcolm:  Tammy insisted I call over the local garden club.  She said HER household needed to be a member.  Sometimes it’s easier to just not argue with her.


Malcolm:  Well I got a membership and they left us a garden wishing well.  Tammy was very happy with me…for once.



Malcolm:  Phillip is no longer a child.  He seems to be going thru a glam goth faze. 


Phillip:  It’s Phil now and I am just expressing myself.

Malcolm:  If you say so.

(Yes, Phil just rolled into this outfit.  I’m just going with it.)


Tammy:  Well you can handle this one.  I’m out of here.  I’ll be back in seven years.  Don’t wreck my house will I’m away.

Malcolm:  Never fear. I’ll be counting down the minutes until you return.


Achievements this round:

Malcolm – Networked his way into an athletics career – currently an MVP. Got pregnant by Theo Gamble and gave birth to son Roman.  Earned a nature plaque and gold fishing badge.  Has two loves: Theo Gamble & Eli Barnett (Nature Hobbiest). Joined garden club and earned wishing well. Dug up a treasure chest.

Tammy – Earned a nature plaque.  Gold badges in fishing & gardening.  Dug up 5 treasure chests. Headed off to college.

Phillip – Earned nature plaque and gold badges in fishing & gardening.

Jenna, Tonya & Alyssa –All  learned all toddler skills.  All earned nature plaque and gold badges in fishing & gardening. 

Roman – Learned all toddler skills.


Whew.  That took a while.  Lots of trips to the park this season. But it paid off and the Cobb family has the nicest house on the block right now.


  1. Wow! Malcolm has a ton of kids. I feel sorry for Tammy being forced to be the responsible one. I love Phil's high makeover.

  2. Argh! My phone's auto- correct feature got me again. "High makeover" should have been "goth makeover."

  3. Thanks. And yes Malcolm has way to many kids.

  4. Where did you get Malcom and Phillip's outfits?