Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer (Years 1-7) –Gamble


The Gamble Family:


Family Matriarch Shelby Gamble born August 10, 55 BF – Family – 6 grandkids – Taurus – 5-5-3-7-5 – NH Cuisine – turn on makeup & jewelry – turn off perfume


Shelby’s partner Fidelia Gamble born May 3, 57 BF – Knowledge – Top Entertainment Field – Aquarius – 4-6-4-5-6 – NH Arts & Crafts – turn on makeup & custom hair – turn off perfume


Their only child Theo Gamble born August 22, 24 BF– Romance – woohoo 20 sims – Pisces – 5-4-6-0-10 – NH Tinkering – Turn on makeup & creativity – turn off perfume


Shelby:  Now Theo, remember what we talked about.

Theo:  How could I forget?

Shelby:  You promised me a granddaughter.  An heiress.  You need to get on that project right away. 

Theo:  Right?  How blasted was I when I agreed to this insanity?  Never mind.  One grandchild but that’s it.

Fidelia:  One granddaughter.  It could take several tries for you to get it right.  If we could have had more children your mother and I would have.  She always wanted a house full of children.

Shelby:  But it wasn’t meant to be.  Now only you can insure the continuance of our family.

Theo:  Right.  I promised so I’ll do it but I’m not marrying.

Shelby:  No one said you had to dear.  Just procreate.  Now let’s head to Milk Shake Bay.  I hear there is good employment opportunities there and lots of single men and women.


Theo:  (The things I do for my parents.)


Mrs. Crumplebottom:  Stop that right now.  No fraternization allowed.  What would your mother think?

Theo:  That I’m doing what she asked me to.


Dark Haired Man:  What?  Are you crazy?  There is no such thing as magic.  Next you’ll be telling me that aliens live amongst us.

Theo:  Well…


Visitor:  Hey man, what is this?

Theo:  I don’t know.  Something my mother fixed for me.  Every since she opened her business she’s been baking up all kinds of stuff.


Fidelia:  I know.  I know the answer.  Call on me.  PLEASE!!!

(Lost a skill point on a chance card and Fidelia lost her mind.)


Zackary Barker leaves a gift after one hell of a date.


Theo:  Oh Lord and Lady.  The pain.

Shelby:  OH!  My grandchild is coming.  My grandchild is coming.


Theo:  Twins.  A boy and a girl.  That should make Mother happy.


Nelo Gamble born July 3, 3 AF.


His twin sister and current heiress Ulla Gamble born July 3, 3 AF.


Later that night…  (can’t believe it worked on the first try)


Theo:  MOM!  Someone named Zelo sends his regards.


Fidelia:  I make this outfit work.


Happy Birthday to you.


Nelo Gamble turns one.  Nelo is an aquarius (5-6-4-10-10).  He is so CUTE!


Ulla Gamble turns one.  She is a pisces (8-3-4-0-10).


Theo:  Can’t believe I have to do this again.  Why me?


Accomplishments this round:

Shelby – purchased family business (level 7), maxed cooking skill, cuisine hobby plaque, silver cashier badge, bronze sales badge

Fidelia – took a job in the Entertainment field (currently a Ventriloquist), gold sales badge, gold cashier badge, bronze fishing badge, maxed cooking, charisma & creativity skills

Theo – took a job in the slacker field (currently Home Video Editor), silver badge in sales, woohooed 7 sims, gave birth to cheesecake twins Ulla & Nelo, alien abducted & pregnant with cheesecake twins.

Nelo & Ulla – learned all toddler skills.

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