Sunday, August 28, 2011

End of Round–Summer Years 1-7








Sim in Game = 22 points

Neighborhood worth $571,056 = 6 points

Gold badge points = 12 points

Hobby Plaques = 18 points

Shrink Visit = –1 point

CAS elder LTW = 10 points

CAS elder impossible want = 10 points

Ghost roam = 5 points

Total = 82


Did you know… the last names for the founding families where chosen at random from a phone chart at work.  I used a number randomizer and then just counted down the names on the phone chart.  I expected more interesting names, because we do have some, but I think these were pretty common and normal.

Summer Years 1-7 - Carter

Meet the Carter Family:


Syble Carter – family matriarch born August 31, 54 BF.  Knowledge / Romance – Max All Skills – NH tinkering – Aquarius – 4-4-4-5-8 – turned on by beards & makeup – turned off by stink.

Her grandaughter & heiress Luci Carter born May 2, 1 BF. Aries – 5-10-5-0-5 – NH music & dance.


Her grandson Alfonzo Carter born Feb 14, 9 BF. Romance – Hall of Famer – NH Science – Cancer – 6-5-6-2-6 – turned on to makeup & athletics – turned off by perfume.

The children lost their mother on founders day.


The Carter home is very modest compared to some of their neighbors but it is all that this small family can afford.


Alfonzo:  Well after mom died I knew that things would be tough.  Gran had done some fishing and sold those for cash just to build the house.  So I thought I’d go to the park, since it’s just across the street, and see if I couldn’t earn some more cash to get us through.


Alfonzo:  I did kinda get distracted when I met Malcolm.  I know he’s like really old but he sure is hot.  He even gave me my first kiss.  We went out on a date but we never went all the way. 


Alfonzo:  I think I’m in love and I think Malcolm loves me too.


Alfonzo: Well Malcolm went home to take care of his kids.  I try not to think about that part cause it kind of skives me out. So I got down to the business at hand.  I earned some cash.  Enough for more furniture and some food.  It’s not much but I’ll do as much as I can before I head off to college in the fall.


Alfonzo:  When I got home I checked in on Luci.  Gran had spent the whole day teaching her things.  Gran is all about learning.  It I had grown up with her instead of Mom, I’d be pretty smart right now.  Not that I’m not but…well I’m not.  I have a lot to learn in college.


Alfonzo:  Tried to get a little bonding in with Gran.  Haven’t seen her much since I was just a little thing.  Course Gran is Gran and that means she’s got her mind focused on learning.


Syble:  May have my head buried but I’m not blind.  I see all them women chasing after my boy.  Grown ups chasing after a kids.  Shameful.


Syble:  Like that Malcolm Cobb.  Shameful.  They might have thought I was asleep but I heard enough to know what was going on in my living room.  Aught to have gone in there and embarrassed us all.  But I thought better of it.  Was to late anyway.  The deed was done.


Syble:  And on little Luci’s birthday.  I got up and made her a special dinner.


Syble:  Wound up sharing it with that Malcolm.  Why did he have to go after my boy like that?


Syble:  But he acted real nice towards my Luci.  Teaching her how to play chess and all.  Course he goes after my little Luci and he will find himself missing bits of his person.


Syble:  Thank goodness their mother isn’t here to see.


Syble:  How shameful we’ve all started to be.  The next morning when the kids were at school I let young Malcolm put some loven on me.  Man’s got skills.  Just don’t like him using them on anyone but me.


Syble:  Well enough of that.  I’ve been teaching my Luci to study real hard and make something of herself.  Her moma tried but then got mixed up with that man.  I told her she could do better but they never listen.


Syble:  Well that’s all said and done.  My baby is gone now.  Died on Founders Day.  It was a freak thing.  Man I miss my girl.


Alfonzo:  So Gran thought it might be good if I dated someone my own age.  I called up Denita Ogg.  I really don’t know her well.  We’ve just met in passing.  But I remembered she was hot so I thought what the heck.  If it makes Gran happy.


Alfonzo:  Turns out we had a great time.  I’ve fallen hard for the girl.  Course now I have found out we’re going to the same college.  That could be awkward.  I’m not sure I’m ready to settle down to just one person.  Might not ever be.


Alfonzo:  Well I’m off to college.  Going to make Gran proud.  Just hope they’ll be ok while I’m gone.


Achievements this round:

Syble:  Earned 1 hobby plaque for cuisine.  Maxed three skills.  Earned a bronze fishing badge.

Alonzo:  Earned 1 hobby plaque for nature.  Earned a gold badge for fishing.  Had first kiss & woohoo with Mitchel Cobb.  Fell in love with Mitchel Cobb & Denita Ogg.

Luci:  Learned all four toddler skills.

Summer Years 1-7 - Terry

Meet the Terry family…


Darso Terry, Family Matriarch, born May 6, 57 BF.  Fortune – 5 Top Level Businesses – Aquarius – 5-5-4-5-6 – NH Cuisine – turned on by beard & custom hair – turned off by stink.


Her husband Athkor Terry born May 3, 57 BF – Knowledge – Max All Skills – Scorpio – 6-5-9-0-5 – NH Science – turned on by makeup & custom hair – turned off by perfume.


Their granddaughter and heiress Aqwe Terry born Feb 28, 9 BF – Popularity – Captain Hero – Virgo – 10-0-5-0-10 – NH science – turned on by red hair & witchcraft – turned off by perfume.


Their grandson Ashmore Terry born April 9, 4 BF – Taurus – 5-5-5-6-4 – NH Games.


The children lost their mother on Founding Day.


The Terry family realized right away that there were NO businesses in Gumdrop Hills.  The time was right to enter the market so Darso purchased her first business which sold fitness supplies.


Things started slowly but eventually the store was a level 10 business.  It even won the best of the best award.


With a measure of success under their belts, Athkor purchased a music store.  There is always a need for musical instruments.


Athkor worked hard and got the business to level 7. By that point he realized that business ownership wasn’t for him.  The family went home to check on their house which was under construction and Athkor asked Darso if she would like to have his business.  Of course she did.  Under Darso’s hands it flourished and became a level 10 business.


Aqwe wanted her own electronics store.  A great place to meet new people she thought.


Aqwe ran the business up to level 7.  At the same time her grandmother bought yet another business, a bowling alley.


When Aqwe realized how much work was involved in making a thriving business, she transferred her business to Darso.  Darso ran her bowling business up to a level 10 business.  She then returned and ran the electronics business up to level 10.  By this time the family had lots of money but Darso desired just one more business.


She bought a small grocery.  Every town needs one.  With her learned skills she had another top business on her hands.


(Business two kept teetering between level 9 & 10.  Because of that she fulfilled her lifetime want after business 3 reached the top.  I still did two more businesses because it was only fair.  Now I’m sick of businesses.  Kind of sick of this family too and I haven’t really played them much yet.)

After a long deserved rest by me…


I checked and confirmed that Darso also fulfilled her impossible want of earning 100 k.


Construction of the Terry home was completed. (At least on the outside.)





And I actually remembered to snap a few pictures.  That last one shows the front of the Cobb house.  I’ll have to try to remember to get more house shots.

Moving on…


After helping their grandparents fertilize the garden, Aqwe and Ashmore spend a little time in the pool.  It helped them forget things.


Phil Cobb dropped by.  He seemed very interested in something.


Aqwe & Phillip share a kiss.

Aqwe:  He’s kind of cute.  A little young but still…cute.


These two have 80 attraction for each other.  He doesn’t meet any of her turn ons and I can’t remember what his are.  These two may stay together and I’ll just tweak the turn ons some.


Phillip:  Hold on there.  We weren’t doing anything wrong. Just back off.

Aqwe:  (Well we were fooling around on the couch.) You tell her Phil.


Mother Terry visited. 


She walked around with her hand out and a smile on her face for the longest time.  I don’t know what she wanted from the family but she didn’t get it.  Then she scared her daughter twice and her father once.  Athkor was very pleased to see her.

Aqwe:  Not now mom.  I’m busy.


Darso earned her told gardening badge and then started planting eggplants.


Ashmore:  Have you met the alien family down the street?  I haven’t met them yet.  I think they have some kids but they’re younger than me.

Gaston:  I’m half alien.  On my father’s side.

Ashmore:  Really.  We’ve got a human in the family line somewhere but no alien.  I guess were just elves. 

Gaston:  To bad.  I’m fairy and alien.  Much more exciting.

Ashmore:  True.  Maybe I should marry an alien one day.


Athkor:  I’ll get a promotion in no time.


Phillip:  Oh Aqwe.  Just wait for me.  I’ll grow up fast.  I promise.

Aqwe:  Mummm.  Just kiss me you fool.


Darso called the local garden club to request membership.


We have done our best to fix the place up and make it beautiful.


Apparently the garden club agreed.  Darso earned membership and a wishing well. 


A picture of the homes main living area.  It’s all one big room with kitchen, living room & music room combined. 


Aqwe wanted one shot at the wishing well before she headed off to college.  She wished for friends and she got some.


Then she got her scholarship and prepared to leave for college.


She did stay for Ashmore’s birthday.



And so ends our time here with the Terry family.  It’s been a long hard ride.



Darso: Took 5 businesses to level ten thus completing her life time want.  For whatever reason she didn’t get a new want.  She earned 100k for her impossible want.  She earned 4 gold badges: sales, cashier, restock & gardening.  She earned 1 silver badge: fishing. Earned 3 hobby plaques: cuisine, music & nature.  Took a job in the culinary field and is currently a prep cook.  Earned her career reward.

Athkor:  Earned 4 gold badges: sales, restock, cashier & gardening.  Earned one bronze badge: fishing.  Earned 5 hobby plaques: nature, cuisine, games, tinkering & fitness.  Took a job in the medical field.  Is currently a resident.  Earned his career reward.  Has maxed 5 of 7 skills.

Aqwe:  Earned 4 gold badges:  cashier, restock, sales & gardening.  Earned two hobby plaques: games & cuisine.  Fell in love, had first kiss and first woohoo with Phillip Cobb.  Heads off to college.

Ashmore:  Earned 1 gold badge for gardening.  Earned 5 hobby plaques (or would have if he wasn’t a child): cuisine, games, tinkering, nature & music.  Has maxed 5 skills.  Grew into a teenager.