Sunday, September 11, 2011

Autumn Years 8-14 - Carter


The Carter Family:


Syble Carter – Knowledge / Romance – Max All Skills


Luci Carter her heiress.


Sybil:  While Luci is at school, I think I’ll head to Milkshake Bay and visit with some friends.


Sybil:  Oh my.  That Theo is really something.  Today he seems even hotter than usual.


Theo:  Bla.  I can’t believe I caught vampirism.  Finally all that messing around seems to caught up with me.

(Authors Note: No idea how this happened and unfortunately Theo isn’t the only one infected.  Sometimes I leave the simmies alone downtown while I do housework or whatever.  This time it lead to vampirism being unleashed.  I really wasn’t ready for this yet. Darn that ACR.  It’s moments like this when I don’t like you so much.)


Sybil:  You bad man.  You shouldn’t rob from me.  I’m just a little old granny.  I’m harmless.  Yeah.  He should believe that.  Then I can pull out a big stick and bash the bastard in the head.  He he he.  Oh Sybil.  You are so bad.


Sybil joins the garden club despite having little or no garden.



Luci:  Yes.  I want to learn knowledge like my grandmother.  And I want to max all my skills too.


Sybil:  Ha.  I did it.  I learned everything.  Now, I wonder if I could woohoo 20 sims before I die.

(Umm. NO!)


Sybil:  Ugh. These old bones are a creaking today.


Late one evening, Luci found Sybil’s body down by her garden.  She had apparently had a heart attack.  There was nothing that could be done to save her.


Sybil was laid to rest beside her daughter.


Sybil Carter born August 31, 54 BF died November 1, 12 AF.


Luci was understandably upset by the whole matter.  Even her brother stopping by didn’t help.


Luci’s brother Antonio suggested getting a pet.  He was thinking of a cute little kitten.  Luci came home with an adult dog named Scarlet.


Before bringing Scarlet home, Luci made Antonio promise to take care of Scarlet while she was at college.  He swore he would walk over every day and play with her and take care of her needs. 


Scarlet cheered Luci up so much that she began thinking about living instead of death.  She called up Gaston Ogg, who was about her age, and asked him out on a date.  She had known him since she was little and soon thought she was in love.


Gaston gave Luci her first kiss.  In return Luci gave Gaston everything.  It was love and she was sure they would be together forever.


Later that night, Luci began thinking about her family and what her mother would have thought.


The more she thought about it the more upset she became.  She began to wonder if she shouldn’t have waited for marriage.  But Gaston loves her so surly they would be married soon.  After they finished college of course.


He had even bought her a piano.  Surely that meant commitment.

Tammy:  If he’s using Greek House funds to lavish his girlfriends, I’ll kill him.


Having found her own love, Luci wanted Scarlet to have love to.  When she found out that sweet and lovable Dexter needed a home, she took him in.  Surely Antonio won’t mind taking care of two dogs while she’s gone.


Well, let’s hope not.

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