Saturday, September 10, 2011

Autumn Years 8-14–Cobb


The Cobb Family is:

Mathew Cobb – Romance/Knowledge – 20 Loves

Phillip Cobb – Popularity/Knowledge – Visionary

Triples: Jenna, Tonya & Alyssa

Youngest Son – Roman


Malcolm:  Ah. Sounds like the kids are up.  Once they are gone I can head to the bar.



Malcolm:  Buying the bar was a great idea.  Finally, someplace where I can romance in private…almost.


First 22 Loves:

Theo Gamble, Alfonzo Carter, Denita Ogg, Eli Barnett, Timmy Poole, Evelina Ogg, Pricilla Lee, Prof. Irving Williams, Gloria Leonard, Olivia Sims, Joy Ross, Freda Stevens, Frank Russell, Darso Terry, Syble Carter, Lana Parsons, Angel Weaver, Angie Brewer, Eileen Higgens, Essie Jordan, Teresa Perkins the Good Witch, Jessee Zimmerman

Sims who currently hate his guts:

Priscilla Lee & Olivia Sims


Parade of Roses.


Roman:  Hi Dad!

Malcolm:  Roman.  When did you get so big?

Roman:  Don’t know.  Depends on ones definition of big I guess.


Roman:  Nelo.  Brother.  I am so glad you have stopped by.  Now you can tell me all about our alien heritage.

Nelo:  Shhhh.  Quiet.  We don’t discuss these things where the normals could overhear.

Roman:  Forgive me.  I am just so excited.  I can hardly wait to learn all about….things.





Tonya – Knowledge / Fortune – Media Magnet


Jenna – Knowledge / Fortune – Ecological Guru


Alyssa – Popularity / Family  - Own 5 Top Businesses


Malcolm:  Tonya, this food is just great.  Of course anything I didn’t cook is great if you know what I mean.

Alyssa:  It’s Alyssa dad, not Tonya, but thanks.

Malcolm: Macaroni & Cheese.  What a combination.


Roman:  What’s the point of drinking six at a time if most of it lands in your lap?


Malcolm:  I can’t believe I’m now a Hall of Famer.  It’s just surreal.


Malcolm:  I’ve been thinking about what you said Tonya..

Alyssa:  Alyssa.  It’s Alyssa dad.

Malcolm:  Right.  Anyway, if you are really interested in business, you can have the bar.  I don’t really need it anymore.  It’s level seven so …  Anyway, you can have it.  Just don’t tell your sisters.

Alyssa:  Umm.  Ok dad.  You won’t be sorry.


Roman:  So you’re going to marry my brother?

Aqwe:  Yes.  After he graduates from college.

Roman:  If you waited a little longer, you could have me.  I would make better breeding material.

Aqwe:  Ah, I don’t think I’m willing to wait that long.

Roman:  Oh.  I’ll jut have to find someone else then.


Phillip:  Finally, I’m heading off to college.  Art classes.  Dates with Aqwe.  Finally she won’t look at me like a kid anymore.


Accomplishments this round:

Malcolm: 20 loves fulfilling lifetime want, reached top of athletics field.

Phillip: joined garden club, won wishing well that he is taking with him to college

Jenna, Tonya & Alyssa: became teens and skilled some

Roman:  became child and skilled some

To tired to remember anything else.