Thursday, September 29, 2011

Winter Years 15-21 - Terry


The Terry family is Aqwe Terry who is a Popularity sim that would like to become Captain Hero.  Aqwe is engaged to Phillip Cobb who has college this winter and can’t move in until the spring.


We start out trying to get the family businesses back to Aqwe.  Ashmore zapped in, turned over ownership and then was zapped back to where he belonged.  Now Aqwe owns the bowling alley and the music store.


Yeah, well Ashmore doesn’t live here anymore but we’ll see that he gets it.


Aqwe:  Here you go Ashmore.  Nina left this hot tub for you.  I wrapped it up so that you could take it home with you.

Ashmore:  Thanks sis.  Our lot could really use a hot tub.


Aqwe:  By the goddess I’m board.  I miss my grandparents.  I miss Phillip.

He’ll be here soon enough.  If you try, you’ll find something to fill your time.



Aqwe:  Can I call Phillip now?

Sure.  It’s the eve of spring.  Go for it.


Aqwe:  Oh Phillip.  I have missed you so much.

Phillip:  Oh babe.  I have missed you too.


Aqwe:  Marry me Phil.  Here.  Now.

Phillip:  Oh Aqwe.  I love you.  Let’s do it.

Aqwe & Philip Terry married Feb. 28, 21 AF.


Additional Notes:

Aqwe took a job in the education field and is now a College Senior Professor.  She is still waiting for a law enforcement job to come along.  Phillip knocked Aqwe up will some casual woohoo right before the wedding.  There will be a new little Terry come spring.

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