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Autumn Years 8-14–Gamble


The Gamble Family:

Shelby Gamble – Matriarch – Family / Pleasure – 6 grandkids

Fidelia Gamble – Her Mate – Knowledge / Family – Top Entertainment

Theo Gamble – Their Son – Romance / Fortune – 20 woohoo

Theo’s twins Ulla & Nelo Gamble


Theo:  OH!!!!  The PAIN!!!!



The Gamble family welcomes Vena & Guntur born Sept 20, 8 AF.


Immediately after the twins birth, Theo rushes off.  Apparently the birth was just to much for him.


Shelby:  Aww.  Grandbabies.  I have five grandbabies.  Just one more.  How to handle that son of mine.



Later that evening, the twins Nelo and Ulla grew into children.  Ulla is still a little hair deficient.


Shelby:  Dearest, please don’t mope.

Theo:  I’m not.  I’m just thinking.

Shelby:  Well I’ve been thinking as well and well… I bought you a gift.

Theo:  A gift?

Shelby:  Yes dear.  You have given me two beautiful granddaughters to carry on the family legacy.  All this family stuff really isn’t your thing.  So I thought…well I bought you a spa.  A little place where you can go and be…you.

Theo:  Really?

Shelby:  Yes dear.  Why don’t you go… do what you do.  You’ll feel better in no time.


Theo:  This place isn’t much but it is nice get away.  Now I can work off this baby fat and then maybe make a new friend or two or twelve.


Theo:  Looking studly and ready to take on the sim at a time.


Theo:  I am SO going to have to thank my moms for this.


Theo:  Welcome lovely lady.  Come in and let me show you around.


Theo:  Oh Syble, you have made the the happiest man.

Syble:  Oh child, I think it’s me who should be thanking you.



Sybil:  Lordy, what is this thing.

Theo:  Oh it’s a gift from my moms.  Stick around and watch me try it out.

Sybil:  Can’t dear.  Have to get on home before Luci notices I’m missing.


Sybil:  You enjoy your new toy.

Theo:  WOOOOO!




Theo:  She did it again.  How could she?  Set up by my own mother.  I am nothing but an incubator to her. 


Shelby:  Um…I wonder…


Fidelia – You are going to push our boy to far someday dear.

Shelby:  Maybe.  But not before I get what I want. I hope the last one is a girl.  Three Gamble women to share our knowledge with.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful.

Fidelia – Yes dear.


Theo:  Oh Malcolm, you’re here.

Malcolm:  Of course I am.  Your mother invited me.

Theo:  Shelby?

Malcolm:  No Fidelia.  Theo, that boy at the door.  Was that?  Do we have a son?

Theo:  Oh.  Yes.  I should have told you sooner.  We have a son Nelo and a daughter Ulla.  I think she’s upstairs.

Malcolm:  And a son.  Roman.  I should have told you but I wasn’t sure how.

Theo:  What a pair we make.  You’ll stay for cake.  My other children…

Malcolm:  It’s alright.  We haven’t seen each other in a while.  I would love to stay and meet all your children.


Theo:  Well Vena, you’re bald just like her sister.

Vena Gamble – Libra – 0-10-6-4-10


Theo:  Guntur you seemed to get all the hair in the family.

Gunter Gamble – Pisces – 3-6-7-0-10


Ulla:  I can to be in the movies when I grow up.  If I never grow hair I’ll just buy some.


Theo:  NO!!! I hate this part.


Theo:  It’s a boy mom.  I have another son.

Shelby:  That’s wonderful.  Oh Theo this is so wonderful.




The Gamble family welcomes Hero Gamble born November 16, 12 AF.

Shelby:  He’s perfect son.  So tiny and perfect.  My last grandchild.

Theo:  That’s right mom.  NO MORE!

Shelby:  No son.  No more.


Later that day, Fidelia learns her last skill.


Ulla:  No.  Grandma Shelby.  Don’t go.

Shelby:  It will be fine dear.  Just remember all the things I told you. 




Shelby Gamble – August 10, 55 BF – November 16, 12 AF.


Fidelia: I can’t wait to share the news with Shelby.


Fidelia:  No.  NO!  I was suppose to go first.  Me.  Oh my dearest Shelby.  What will I do without you?



The twins Guntur & Vena soon became children.


And then even Hero had a birthday.

Hero Gamble – Aries – 5-10-7-3-10


Theo:  Malcolm.  Can’t come by tonight.  Mom is been down since Shelby died.  Want to stay close.  Will call you soon.  I love you. 



Shelby Gamble – Earned lifetime want of 6 grandkids.  Earned nature hobby badge (two badges total). Died in platinum with 12+ friends.

Fidelia Gamble – Earned lifetime want of topping Entertainment field.  Earned impossible want of maxing all skills.  Joined garden club.  Earned games & nature plaques. 

Theo Gamble – Gave birth twice. Completed lifetime want of 20 woohoos.  Opened spa and reached level 9. One step from the top of the slacker field.

Nelo & Ulla: Did some skilling.

Guntur,Vena & Hero: learned all toddler skills.


I was very surprised when Shelby died first.  Fidelia was always listed first in the family and thus the oldest.  Her and Shelby both looked like their time was up so I kind of thought they would die the same day.  When Fidelia didn’t die after coming back from work I looked at her bar and it looked like it had grown.  Each day I expect her to die but so far she’s hanging on.  I managed to paint a family portrait of Fidelia but not of Shelby.  Will have to wait for her ghost to haunt and then paint one.

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  1. Yeah, it is a mysterious thing when the life bar moves up and down. Hard to pin point when Grim is going to come....