Saturday, September 3, 2011

Autumn Years 8-14–Ogg 1


Ogg Family:  Gaston Ogg – Child – Wants to grow up before being taken by social services.

We are back at the Ogg house where big sisters Evelina and Denita left their younger brother alone while they ran off to college.  I’ve been wanting to play this house since I left it and FINALLY I’m back.


The girls called the nanny before they left and as you can see, Mother is doing her best to watch after her only son.


Gaston:  Bye Nanny Jacqueline.  See you after school.


Home from school and the nanny is has left for the day.

And then….


Gaston calls his nanny then heads to the bathroom.  With no warning at all, social services arrives to take him away.  NO WARNING?  The nanny stayed until almost one pm so maybe that left him “alone” for three hours in their eyes.  I don’t know.  So….


RELOAD…Same results.


RELOAD and summon a non-family adult.  Same results.


RELOAD # 4 and summon an adult family member.  Same results. SO….


Finding no way to do this without MAJOR cheating, Evelina moves back from college a season sooner than I wanted.  It is within the rules but messes with my aging.  Oh well.  Minus one point for child being taken by social services even though I didn’t let him be taken.


Evelina:  He squirt.

Gaston:  Evelina? You got old.


Louis, the college guy Evelina is in love with, called her up and asked her to go on an outing with him.  She accepted and brought along her little brother Gaston.  Everyone from college was there and it was nice to see everyone.




Evelina:  WTH?  I thought we were going to get engaged tonight but instead you have public woohoo with my best friend?  How could you Louis?

Louis:  ACR? 

Evelina:  That’s no excuse.


Evelina:  I’m done with you Louis.  Maybe you can get Tammy to marry you into the neighborhood but I heard she had another townie all lined up.


Evelina tried to soak her troubles away but she just isn’t having the best of nights.


So after suffering one humiliation after another, Evelina says goodbye to the gang, collects her brother and leaves.

Evelina;  (Waving at me like she didn’t do anything wrong.)


The two head down to the new Gumdrop Playground.  News travels fast and guys know Evelina is on the market again.  They are all hoping to be her future husband.  Of course Evelina now has a three bolt attraction, to Malcolm Cobb, which just isn’t happening.  That’s all we need, more Cobb babies.



Gaston is oblivious to all this.  He tries out the new sand box and plays a few games of mahjong.


A quick game of basketball and it’s time to head for home.


But not before ACR gives Malcolm another love.


After arriving home, Evelina finds a job in her preferred career, Law Enforcement.  She then decides that the family business will sell toys.


On his birthday, Gaston brings home Luci Carter and they play a game of chess.




Gaston grows into a romancing teen. 


Evelina started the family business: a toy store.  She drafted Gaston to help her make toys.


Things went well.


Gaston has his first date and first kiss with townie Natalie Daniel.  They have two bolts but I doubt this will lead anywhere.

Gaston:  Oh it lead somewhere all right.  Woohoo number one!  Oh yeah.  It was a dream date baby!


The family got a little gift from the gypsy.  Since Evelina brought one home from college that makes two for the family.  We may have some wishes in our future.


Since Evelina does eventually need a man, I pulled in her top available sim.  This is Virgil Flowers.  He’s a college student.  They have two bolts and shared a very special kiss.


I had hope that her time with Virgil would set her straight but three bolts and ACR took over and suddenly Evelina is trying to get pregnant by Malcolm.  Luckily she failed.


Although he’s a little young, Gaston Ogg is heading for college. 

Maybe Evelina and I will see eye to eye before the next round begins.


Evelina:  Took job in law enforcement: currently a lieutenant.  Earned career reward.  Bought Toy Store.  Ran to level 7.  Earned gold badge in sales, cashier & restocking (5 gold, 1 silver).

Gaston:  Taken by social workers (sorta), grew into romancing teen, earned gold fishing badge & gold toy making badge (2 total), earned nature, music & arts & crafts plaques (3 total).


  1. Haha great round. I don't have ACR installed, but I do enjoy seeing what it does in other people's game.

  2. What I like about ACR is how it throws a wrench in your plans and then you have to find a way to work through it. It is also what I hate about ACR.